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EIA - Greenhouse Gas Emissions Overview

1. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Overview 1.1 Total emissions. Total U.S. anthropogenic (human-caused) greenhouse gas emissions in 2009 were 5.8 percent below the 2008 total ().The decline in total emissionsfrom 6983 million metric tons carbon dioxide equivalent (MMTCO 2 e) in 2008 to 6576 MMTCO 2 e in 2009was the largest since emissions have been tracked over the 1990-2009 time frame.

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Comparing heating fuel costs - Greenhouse Management

Oct 08 2014 · In the Northeast U.S. a grower wanting to upgrade his heating system has to decide between fuel oil at $4 per gallon burned in a floor furnace with 80 percent efficiency or propane gas at $3 per gallon burned in a high efficiency condensing unit heater with 93 percent efficiency.

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Things a Greenhouse Grower Can Do To Improve Energy Efficiency

The largest energy cost in most Pennsylvania greenhouses is the cost of heating in the winter. If you are using an expensive heating fuel it may be worthwhile to switch to a more economical option. This does not reduce the amount of energy that you are using but it can reduce your operating costs significantly.

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