75 0 ton of hospital ethanol boiler oxygen


Standard Procedures for Tank Cleaning Purging and Gas ...

Oxygen content in Inert Gas for purging Since the main purpose of H.C. gas purging is displacement H.C. gas with I.G. the procedure priority shall be supply I.G. with the full capacity of IG Blowers. Under the procedure Oxygen content in Inert Gas for purging may be permitted by 8% by Volume or less. For carrying out Gas Freeing of the tank

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High Temperature Steam Uses - MHI-INC

Antimicrobial Applications: Dry high quality low-oxygen steam is a known antimicrobial agent that works without any organic residue. The canning and bottling industry uses a considerable amount of steam. Use for aseptic processing. The productivity increase with the availability of MightySteam high temperature dry and instant is a remarkable condition for steam particularly useful ...

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