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On-Farm Production of Biomass Grass Pellets: A Case Study

If not the costs would be much higher. For example a labor cost of $10 per hour would increase production costs to $215 per ton. A land cost of $150 per acre (but no labor costs) would increase production costs to $135 per ton. Combining the $10 per hour for labor and the $150 per acre for land would result in a production cost of $261 per ton.

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4 Table5.1Energy output and costs of selected Bio-resources to Energy technologies Technology Fuel Type and Electrical Capital Cost Operating Cost Volume Output 25.0 MW Net Stoker Furnace Woody Fuels at 27.09 MW $70.1 million $2.9 million/yr Combustion 40.4% moisture Gross ($2800/kW) ($0.014/kWh) 270000 tons per year Fluidized Bed Woody Fuels ...

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