how is the heating effect of alcohol-based fuel boiler


Burning methanol (alcohol-based fuel) Horizontal steam ...

WNS series of automatic fuel methanol (alcohol-based fuel) steam boilers (utility model patents) a horizontal three-pass wet back structure improve boiler operating environment improve boiler efficiency and service life; all smoke channels into the water with the tail There are and sound insulation outsourcing tank design smoke box sealed with a labyrinth structure avoid tobacco smoke box drain

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The low-temperature corrosion characteristics of alcohol ...

With the development of research in alcohol-based fuels alcohol-based fuels are increasingly being used in the industrial boiler industry. Compared with fossil fuels the combustion of alcohol-based fuels can greatly reduce the emission of flue gas pollutants. 89 So it is quite important to study the corrosion of metals in the combustion fuels.

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